What is a Video Business Card ?


What is the  Video Business Card ? The Video Business Card is an asset that works for your business 24/7. It automates the process of you showcasing and telling people about your business. We are here to solve problems many business owners face. One crucial problem  is having people not knowing who you are or what you actually do  accurately in a short amount time. You probably spend a lot time on sales calls explaining to people what you do. You many even spend much more of your time convincing people why they should hire you or use your services. We are here to eliminate those problems for you. That is why we created the Video Business Card, So the next time you are on a sales call people are ready to close deals.

It follows a very specific script formula designed for maximum emotional hook and logical connection for your viewers. It gets results. This isn’t an “about me” video this isn’t just a “company video”. This the Video Business Card the greatest marketing assets for any business. This video will work for you to target your ideal clients and have them emotionally connected to you. See its all about building relationships. We live in a world that’s is driven by skepticism,  we don’t have the trust we used to have for each other . In this world consumers not only demand, they crave authenticity. The video business card will do just that.

Stop talking about your business and start showcasing your business. The more people who know about you and the More people who see what you are doing .The more lives you are going to change. You will have an asset to introduce and show people what you do. Put it on Website, email signature, and send it to whoever you meet. Gives you customers a full download of your business, build relationships,  And you get consumers to trust you. We are a video production based in New Jersey here to help you on your journey as a business owner.

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