Video Marketing is for every Industry, Even Insurance

Video Marketing is not only for the cool new trendy industries and creative brands. Video Marketing is for the everyday business or brand who wants to effectively connect with their audience. It will only continue to dominate and video has been proven time and time again to be the most effective medium for connecting to consumers.

So when i met Sasha Buerano of SB Financial Insurance Agency it was a breath of fresh air. Here is someone who gets it. Her brand is very important to her. How their customers saw their agency was a priority to them . Especially for someone in the insurance industry its great to put to a face to a name. Not just a name on the door or on statements. Video allows their customers to truly see them and understand them. We here at MK Flav Video created a Video Business Card of her Agency and check out the amazing Results. 

We asked Sasha Why she wanted to work with MK Flav? How was the process for her and why was video so important to her brand and her agency. This is what she had to say. 

Want a Video Business Card for your Business or Brand ?

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