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Stop Telling People What You do Start Showing Them

Video is the Most Powerful Business Tool in the World

MK Flav Video is a Full Service Video Production Company in New Jersey, dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs optimizing their business using Video. We solve business problems with Video and get results. We service all of New Jersey & Pennsylvania New York and will fly out to help. We are not here to just make you videos but to transform your business and enhance your life. Spend less time worrying about your business and focus on the things you enjoy.



Video is the Most Powerful Business Tool in the World. We can use video to solve 3 major problems business owners face. TIme Money & Relationships. We use video as a tool to get those things where you want them to be.



The one video assets that every business needs.

Saves time automates the process of who you are. 

Gives a full download of your business in emotional and engaging way



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Our Goal is to not just make you a video but to solve problems in your business.Whether it be saving time or building and nurturing relationships we use video to get you where you need to be in your business. 


We love creating videos but more importantly, We love providing solutions for businesses so you can reach the next level of your journey. We strategist execute and get results. 


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We understand how a business works. We use Video to solve any problems in your business.